Sample Event Projection:

Sample Event Projection Summary:

Event Type Min 5th 25th 50th 75th 80th 90th 95th Max
DFS (418) 08Aug12 14Nov12 16Dec12 07Jan13 02Feb13 07Feb13 24Feb13 14Mar13 07May13
OS (410) 30Jul15 24Nov15 09Mar16 12May16 21Jul16 08Aug16 17Sep16 28Oct16 08May17

Model/Event Number 132 135 140
Non-Parametric 16Jan2012 16Jun2012 16Jan2014
Exponential 16Jan2012 16Jul2012 16Feb2014

Sample Distribution of Projected Target Event Date

Sample Event Projection by Future Date

Enlarged: (from 10-Aug-10 to 22-Nov-13)

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